Monday, 18 June 2018

Thank You, Miss Lorraine!

Stamp Sets: Beautiful You, Petal Palette, Lovely As A Tree
June is always a busy month for me. Usually around this time of year I am awash in marking and report cards, but even a June on parental leave has been hectic!

As busy as we've been, I knew I needed to carve out some time to make a special thank you card for my daughter's dance teacher, Miss Lorraine. For the past couple of months, we've been attending an intro to dance class at our local community centre.

It's a parent and child class, and I'm sure I looked really graceful dancing around with my two year old with a baby strapped in a carrier to my chest. You just have to give up a little vanity as a parent sometimes, don't you??

As ridiculous as I felt at times, both my daughter and I truly loved going to class every week. Heck, even my little guy loved it! By the end of it, he was grooving to the music too. And I know that the reason that everyone had such a wonderful time was without a doubt our dance teacher, Miss  Lorraine. Some people are just meant to do certain things, and I think she was just meant to teach dance. As effortless as it looked, I could tell how much thought and preparation she put into each lesson. As a teacher, it was truly humbling to watch!

The only problem is that my collection is a little light on dance stamps. and by that, I mean that I found one pseudo-dance image in a set of line-drawn art stamps called Beautiful You. It also included a sentiment that contained the word "dance" but otherwise completely missed the mark for the thank you card I wanted to make.

So what's a crafty girl to do when she can't find the sentiment she needs?? Use masking to create her own, of course! I found another stamp set that had a sentiment that I could mash up with the dance one, and with a little clear tape and a stamp positioning tool, my Frankenstein dance sentiment was born!

Full disclosure, a couple bad words may have escaped my lips as I wasted more than a couple of scraps of paper getting it lined up the way I want, but I blame that on ...

a) The stupidly late hour at which I was trying to stamp this card. Seriously, why do these always get left to the last minute!!

and b) The fact that I was totally making this up as I went and didn't really leave enough room for the sentiment, so I had to squish it onto the smallest punch I could manage so it didn't overwhelm the card.

By far my dumbest moment creating this card was the time I almost got the sentiment perfect. Everything was lining up beautifully and then ... SMUDGE! Yeah, pro tip ... when you're masking out words on a stamp with clear tape, remember to take the clear tape off before you stamp it!

Here are a couple of tips if you'd like to recreate this card or something similar:

You can use post-it or sticky notes to create masks when stamping. Stamp the image you want in the foreground onto the sticky note and cut around it. Then stamp your image on your card where you'd like it, cover it up with the sticky note mask, and then stamp what you'd like to appear behind it. The sticky note keeps your foreground image from getting covered up. This is how I managed to get my dancer to appear in front of my trees.

If you're using a stamp positioner, go ahead and create a couple of something! It really doesn't take that much more time than stamping one, and then you'll have extras for the next time you want to make that card. You better believe that once I had the sentiment stamps perfectly lined up that I went ahead and stamped a few more for any future dance cards I need to make!

If you're using alcohol markers to colour in a line-drawn image like this, you can use the artist's lines to guide your shading. Here, I coloured the dancer with a light coral ink first. I then went over any areas with dark lines with a slightly darker shade before going back and blending the two. I know I find this really helpful, since I am still figuring out where to put my shading and shadows!

I hope you like the card! If there's anything else you'd like to know about it or if you have any feedback, please leave a comment below. Until next time, happy stamping!

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