Sunday, 24 June 2018

Panda Party!

First birthdays are important milestones! Yes, sure, the little kiddo will never remember the party, the decorations, or the painstakingly iced cake. I fully admit that it's a party for the parents. And you know why those parents deserve a party? Because they made it a whole year looking after another tiny human who came with endless demands but no instructions!

My son is currently ten months old, so a lot of his little friends are just starting to celebrate their first birthdays. In other words, I need to start cranking out birthday cards, because it's going to be a busy summer! As much as I love a custom card, there's something I love even more, and that's when I get to make a matching box! Luckily, this time the present I chose was just small enough that I could make a matching box with 12 by 12 cardstock.

I was making this project late at night and completely forgot to take pictures of my process or write down my measurements, but I promise to share a tutorial on how to make this style of box very soon. Once you understand how to make the base and the reinforced lid, it is very easy to scale it to the size you need.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure you have paper that is big enough. To see if your paper is big enough, double the height and then add the width. Do the same thing for the length. If either number is bigger than your paper's dimensions, you either need bigger cardstock or a different style of box. When I measured this gift, it was just over 4.5" wide/long (it was a set of nesting rainbow coloured wooden bowls, so the width and length were the same) and a little more than 3" tall, so it was just about perfect for a piece of 12 by 12 cardstock. I was able to make the box 5" long by 5" wide by 3.5" tall (5" + 3.5" + 3.5" = 12" exactly) and with a little tissue paper, the gift fit snugly inside.

I had so much fun stamping these cute little pandas all over the box before I put it together! What do you think?

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