Sunday, 13 May 2018

Mother's Day Orchids

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and special women out there, and an especially happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom!

I knew I wanted to do something a bit special for my mom's card this year, so I took some time to create this watercoloured spray of orchids. I fell in love with this stamp set the moment I saw it, but I'll be honest--I don't love a lot of the cards and projects I've seen created with it! There are definitely a few great ones I've seen, but in others the flowers look a bit artificial and strange.

The stamp set is a builder set which allows you to create your own orchid images with different flower, petal and stem stamps.
I think the problem is that most people just stamp the images of the flowers all in a row. If you take a look at some real orchids, you can see that the flowers grow on both sides of the stem. They come off at different angles, and some are usually fully in bloom while the others are still budding.

To attempt to get these gorgeous orchids looking a bit more natural, I used a technique knowing as masking. I stamped all of the little bits--flowers, different petals and so on--onto post it notes and cut them out. (You can also buy masking paper, but I didn't have any and I'm a big believer in using what you've got!) Then, I stamped what I wanted in the foreground first, covered those images with the masks (the post-it note cutouts), and stamped the images that were more in the background. This gives the image a bit of dimension and some more realism.

After I had all my images stamped in archival ink, I watercoloured all of the orchids using a bright berry coloured ink called Berry Burst. I love watercolouring with ink and an aqua painter brush! Just be sure to use a thick cardstock that can take water without too much warping or pilling. Watercolour paper is ideal, but the shimmery white cardstock I've used here also takes water well. It's not visible in the photo, but the whole paper has a subtle shimmer to it that pairs perfectly with the bright shimmer ribbon I used behind my sentiment.

While my card isn't perfect, it was definitely made with lots of love. Hopefully my mom will like it! Thanks, mom, for all that you do. I love you.

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