Thursday, 31 May 2018

Cool Treats

It's still spring here in Vancouver, but it's felt like summer lately! The weather in May has been absolutely wonderful. Maybe that's why I've been thinking about ice cream lately.

I'm definitely a waffle cone kind of girl, so that's what I used for this fun ice cream card. You would think this was a simple card from the look of it. Other than the fact that I matted it with some black cardstock for a little dimension, it's all a single layer, after all.

Well, you'd be wrong!

I have to be honest ... this card was one of those cards where I had an idea in my head that I was going to do it a certain way, and I stubbornly stuck to that even when it became apparent that there were far easier ways to achieve almost the same look.

See, I really wanted this to be a single layer card. I have the dies for this set. It would have been much easier to stamp the ice cream, cut it out, and pop it up with some dimensional foam on top of the stamped cones. Instead, I decided to use a stamp positioning tool and an emboss resist technique to keep it perfectly flat.

Emboss resist is a technique that you can do with heat embossing. Once you've heat embossed an area, that area will resist any ink that is stamped on top of it. The melted embossing powder acts as a barrier, preventing the ink from reaching the cardstock, so you can stamp right on top and then wipe any ink away. With clear embossing powder, you can also trap layers of colour underneath it. If you've ever decorated a Ukranian Easter egg with melted wax and layers of dyes, it's a bit similar to that idea.

I'm actually a bit embarrassed to share how much work went into this card! But alright, here's the steps I used to create this card. Feel free to laugh at me for all the trouble I went to! I certainly laughed at myself after I was done.

1. First, cut a white 8.5" by 5.5" card base and score and fold it at 4.25".

2. Next, cut a 5.25" by 4" mat from black cardstock.

3. Cut a piece of white cardstock that's 5" by 3.75". This is the piece on which you'll actually stamp the ice cream cones and sentiment.

4. Lay out the stamps and figure out how I want things positioned on the final card

5. Stamp each of the 3 ice cream tops by stamping off once each time. I also made sure to mark exactly where my panel was in my stamping tool each time. You'll understand why in a moment ...

6. Stamp the swirl detail on each ice cream, this time without stamping off to achieve a darker tone of the same image

7. Brush the cardstock with an anti-powder tool. (We're about to heat emboss, and this helps prevent the powder from sticking anywhere you don't want it to go.)

8. Return the cardstock to exactly the same position as I had it in step 5 and stamp in clear Versamark exactly over the first ice cream image with the same ice cream stamp.

9.  Add clear embossing powder and heat it up with my heat tool to emboss over the first ice cream image.

10. Repeat for the other two ice cream images. (Yes, right around here I was definitely kicking myself.)

11. Stamp each of the cones under each of the ice creams.

12. Stamp the waffle detail on each of the cones. I used the exact same ink colour of ink but layering it created a slightly darker shade.

13. Inked only the right side of the cone stamp and stamped over each cone image to create a little bit of a shadow effect.

14. Stamped my sentiment in black ink using a stamp positioner, cleaned the stamp without moving its position and then stamped again in Versamark.

15. Added clear embossing powder to the sentiment and set it with my heat tool.

16. Assembled all the card layers together.

Yeah, I know. Ridiculous. That's what I get for being stubborn! I probably won't ever make this card this way again, but I still loved making it. The only problem is now I'm craving ice cream again!

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