Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My "Wedding Quilt" Card

Sometimes you lose your cardmaking mojo. It happens. It happened to me last week! After my frustrating "oops" moment with my red envelope project, I found myself a bit uninspired, so I spent my week catching up on some events from the Winter Olympics that I'd recorded rather than crafting.

The problem? When I finally felt like I wanted to make a new card, I had no ideas! None!

Luckily, the bi-monthly cardmaking challenge I participate in had a card sketch to get me started, and this card is the result.

The card sketch was a busy one, with lots of layered circles and multiple banners. At first, I didn't know how I could tackle it without it resulting in a card that had way too much going on. I finally decided that if it was going to have lots of different elements, I would keep the colour palette very clean and simple.

It's been cold here this last week, cold enough to snow, and I pulled out an extra quilt for our bed. It's a beautiful quilt that was given to me for my wedding by my great aunt. The quilt uses probably a dozen different fabrics, but since they are all black and white patterns, they look like they all belong together. I must have taken inspiration from that, so I'm calling this my "Wedding Quilt" card!

To create my own black and white patterned paper, I chose several different stamps from one set and stamped them repeatedly to create the different patterns. I die-cut and punched out circles from the paper patterns I'd created, and I also cut a black mat the same size as each of the circles. By offsetting the patterned piece, it creates a sort of shadow or eclipse that helps emphasize the design. I arranged all of my pieces on this gorgeous pool coloured cardstock, and a simple "Happy Birthday" sentiment on a little white banner completed the card.

I'm so glad to have my mojo back, and it was so much fun to try creating my own patterned paper! I definitely recommend giving it a try yourself. I'd love to see what you create!

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