Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Watercolour Valentine

Card stamped with floral watercolour image and the sentiment "You Are Remarkable"
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! One thing that I love about Valentine's Day is that it gives us a chance to recognize and appreciate all of our loved ones, not just our romantic partners. While I fully admit that I also really like the chocolate part of the holiday, I also enjoy giving cards to the special people in my life.

I love the sentiment on this card because it's perfect for a platonic valentine. The sentiment and the image both come from a beautiful stamp set by Stampin' Up! called "Remarkable You" and the line drawn images are perfect for so many different methods of colouring. Here, I've used watercolouring to colour my image.

Do you see that little blue tool at the bottom of the image? This wonderful little thing is used for watercolouring! You remove the cap and fill the reservoir with water, and then you can pick up ink directly onto the brush tip. To change colours, you just wipe the brush tip onto a paper towel until it stops giving off any colour, and then pick up your next shade. Seriously, it's magic!

It's so peaceful to paint in the image this way, and I love that I can use my dye ink stamp pads to watercolour! (Also, if you're like me and you can't draw or paint, it's pretty great to feel like an artist for a change!) Here I've stamped the image in black ink and watercoloured in red and green ink. I matted the image on black cardstock to complement the black line art and used some gold ribbon and a red rhinestone to finish the card and tie it all together.

Who would you give a valentine like this to? A family member? A friend who has been there for you recently? Make sure you take a moment today to find a way to let them know how much you love them!

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