Sunday, 11 February 2018

Valentine's Heart Ornament

Woven heart shaped ornament for Valentine's Day
This project is an old one but it's great to do with young kids around Valentine's Day. All it takes is a piece or two of paper in contrasting colours, scissors, some glue or adhesive, and a hole punch and some string or twine if you'd like to hang it as an ornament.

If you've made one of these before--come on, I can't be the only one who remembers these from elementary school art!--then it's unlikely you need directions, but for everyone else I've included a tutorial with lots of pictures below.

However, if you read to the end, I've included one other variation that you may not have seen before!

To start off with, you'll need two pieces of paper in contrasting colours, each cut to 6" by 3". Here, I've actually used a single piece of 6x6 patterned paper that I've cut in half. Each side had a different heart pattern on it, so it was perfect for this project.

Heart Ornament Tutorial - Paper cut to size

Once you've trimmed your paper down to size, you'll need to round off the top of each piece. There are a couple ways you can do this. If you have a die cutting machine and a 3" circle die, you can use partial die cutting to do this very easily. If not, you can always go old school and cut out the circle shape with scissors after tracing from a template.

Heart Ornament Tutorial - Rounding the top edge

Next, you'll need to cut the slits in the bottom of each piece so we can weave the two pieces of paper together. On each piece, you will cut two vertical slits from the bottom to the middle of the paper. Cut at the 1" and 2" marks and make sure each cut is 3" high. I've used my paper trimmer to do this since it was easiest to measure and cut, but you can also use a ruler, pencil and scissors.

Align the two pieces of paper and weave the bottom strips together as shown. Older children can practice their weaving skills, but you'll definitely have to help very young children with this stage.

Heart Ornament Tutorial - Weaving the ends together

Once the hearts are completely woven together and you've taken a moment to align them as best you can, adhere the two pieces together. In my example, I've run a little bit of dry adhesive tape runner under any loose flaps, but liquid glue also works great. If you don't care what the back looks like, you can also take a piece of tape and just lay it over the woven portion on the back. This is what I did with my two year old when we made a number together, as that was something she could actually help do.

Now, just punch a hole and string through a little baker's twine, thread or embroidery floss, tie a knot, and you're ready to display your ornament!

Heart Ornament Tutorial - Punching a hole and threading it

I did promise you one other variation, so here it is ... you can actually make this into a card as well! For the card version, you'll need two pieces of 6x6 paper rather than just one.

One piece of the 6x6 will be cut into two 6x3 panels and prepared exactly like we did for the ornament above. For the other piece, score it at 3" and fold it in half. Round the top and cut the slits with it still folded.

Open the folded piece and then weave one of the 6x3 panels of the other paper into each half. You'll do this exactly as for the ornament above (but obviously this one doesn't need a hole and thread for hanging). You can either write directly on the inside of the card, or you can adhere a piece of white cardstock inside and write on this instead.

Heart Ornament Tutorial - Woven card variation

I hope you get a chance to try these ideas out with the little ones in your life this week. Happy crafting!

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