Friday, 9 February 2018

Valentine's Heart Box

Valentine's Day Heart Box
I love chocolate and I also love making little boxes. This project was the perfect marriage of the two--a cute little cardstock favour box that's perfect for Valentine's Day treats!

The box is simply a 2.5" cube with an interesting closure mechanism on top. To make the box, you'll need a piece of cardstock that measures 10.5" by 7.5", a scoring tool, a bone folder, paper snips or scissors, and a scrap of coloured or patterned paper for the hearts on top. I also used stamps and ink to decorate the sides of the box, but you can decorate yours any way you like!

To make the box, put the piece of cardstock on your scoring tool with the long side against the top. Score it at 2.5", 5", 7.5" and 10".

Rotate the cardstock on the scoring tool so the short side is now against the top. Score at 2.5", 5" and 7.5".

Now look at your paper with the long side oriented horizontally. You should see a bunch of 2.5" squares, but on one side there will be some narrow rectangles. Using your scissors, remove the top and bottom rectangle. You can also miter the edges of the remaining middle rectangle to make it easier to put the box together.

Cut up the score lines for the top and bottom rows of squares to create the flaps of the box, leaving the middle row of squares alone. You may need to notch in or miter the edges of the flaps very slightly to help the box close nicely when it is put together.

Cut the second and fourth of the top row of tabs to half of their height and angle in the sides as shown in the diagram below. You should be left with something that looks like this:

Valentine's Day Heart Box Template

If you want to do any stamping to decorate the box, now is the time. Here, I've stamped heart and love images with red ink so it fits my Valentine's Day theme.

To put the box together, adhere the skinny rectangular tab to the opposite side of the box with the adhesive of your choice (liquid glue, double-sided tape, etc.) to form the sides of the box. Fold in and adhere the four bottom flaps to form the base of the box.

For the top of the box, you will fold in the first and third top flaps, and then the shorter second and fourth flaps after. At this point, you'll need two heart shapes cut from patterned or contrasting paper. You can die cut them if you have a die cutting machine or you can cut them freehand by tracing from a template if you don't, but make sure they are identical. You also want to make sure they are a bit smaller than the box or it will be very difficult to open and close it.

Cut one heart from the bottom to the middle along the centre axis. Cut the other heart from the top to the middle along the centre axis. Now the hearts will be able to interlock.

(Hint: you can actually make this closure with any bilaterally symmetrical shape, so you can alter it for whatever occasion you'd like!)

Interlocking Heart Template

Adhere each heart to one of the top flaps of the box so that the centre of the heart is aligned with the edge of the flap.

(Hint: it may be easier to interlock the hearts before gluing them down so you can make sure they are perfectly placed.)

To close the box, carefully slide the cut top edge of one heart into the cut bottom edge of the other. With a little manoeuvering, you should be able to perfectly align the hearts so they interlock. Gently bend up the unglued half of each heart to draw attention to the double layer. And voila--all done!

Now open your box again, fill it with a sweet treat, and give it to someone special!

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