Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Stand Up Heart Treat Box

Okay, everyone! As promised, here is the last of this year's Valentine's Day projects: another heart-shaped treat box, but this one stands up on its own and self closes!

When I made the first heart-shaped treat pouch, I found that the paper was under a lot of stress the way it was designed. I had to add some really strong double-sided tape to keep it closed and it looked more like a heart from some angles than others.

While playing with a prototype of the original pouch, I tried to gently crease the paper to reduce the stress on it and keep it from popping open so easily. I kept playing around until I realized that it just wasn't going to work with that design, but it did give me the idea for this current project!

I was super excited to have designed this box from scratch! Until, that is, I looked at the internet and realized that others had gotten there before me. Oh well! Like the other projects I've posted, I have no idea who the original designer of this box is ... but I can say that I discovered it independently, at least!

Once again, we're using a piece of 6x6 paper because that's what I'm using up from my craft stash, but you can scale this box up or down to your liking. For the size I made, you're going to score as follows:

Turn the paper so the edge that will be the bottom is against the left edge of your scoring tool and score at 1 3/8" to create the horizontal score line along the bottom. Obviously, the direction is less important if you don't have a paper with an up and a down, but this was something that I had to watch for with my paper. I didn't want those cute heart stamps to be sideways on my finished box!

Rotate your paper so it is oriented upside down on your scoring tool. We need that line we just scored as a guide. Now score ...

... at 1/2" all the way
... at 1 and 7/8" just to the horizontal score line
... at 3 and 1/4" all the way
... and at 4 and 5/8" just to the score line

Look closely at the diagram above for help! I've highlighted the score lines with thick black lines to try to make it easier to see since they were very faint in the photo.

Now fold and burnish the 3 full-length score lines as shown in the photo. That skinny 1/2" one is going to be the tab we put glue or double sided tape on to seal the box.

With the box folded flat, cut the top into a heart shape. Open it slightly and cut the top of that 1/2" tab on a bit of an angle so it won't get in the way when we're sealing things up.

Now open your paper up again, with the pattern facing the right way up. Remove the bottom rectangle of that skinny tab on the right (see picture!) and cut up the other three score lines on the bottom. You can notch or wedge into them very slightly to help the bottom of the box close nicely.

Now that you can easily see where those bottom score lines stop, we're going to put in four more score lines. For this you'll need a ruler and a scoring tool. To get a slightly deeper score, you can try doing those over a paper piercing mat, a piece of craft foam or a mousepad, but I managed fine just doing it on the table. You don't need to score very deeply--you're just suggesting to the paper where it's going to bend when we go to crease it in the next step.

Line your ruler from the edge of the top of the heart to the top of that first score line we just cut up, and score along that line. Repeat as shown in the picture, scoring along each of those black lines I've drawn in for you. See how we're creating a heart shape?

Once you've scored everything, use your fingers to gently crease along those score lines we've just created. Go slowly and you shouldn't have any problems, as the paper now knows it needs to bend right along those lines we created.

Now it's time to seal our box! Turn your paper over and fold that little tab in. Use glue, double-sided tape or your adhesive of choice on the tab. Take the right edge of your paper and fold it over, bringing it even with the left hand side and press down.

Your "box" will be completely flat at this point. Don't worry, that's normal! And actually, if you wanted to make a bunch of these ahead of time for a craft fair or party, you could stop right here and store them all flat at this point. They'd take up barely any space at all, and they'd come together in a flash when you needed to fill them!

But to finish the box, just fold in the bottom flaps one at a time and glue the last one in place, and your box will take the shape of the finished one below. It will stand up nicely at this point, and to fill it you can just pinch the sides at the top and it will open up! When you let go, it'll close by itself, but if you want an extra level of insurance, you could punch two little holes and tie it closed with a bow.

(I cheated ... my bow is purely decorative and is just stuck on there!)

Well, that's it for our Valentine's Day series! Thanks for following along and helping me kick off my new blog in style. I'll be back later this week with a non-Valentine's Day themed project, so please come back and visit again soon!

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