Monday, 12 February 2018

Heart Treat Pouch

Heart shaped treat pouch made of paper
Valentine's Day is only a couple of days away, but I still have several projects to share with you before then, so keep checking in!

Today's project is an incredibly easy little treat pouch that just requires paper, scissors, and some strong adhesive. The design is based on a very common little triangular shaped pouch called a "sour cream" container or pouch, but I've cut one end a little differently on mine so that it resembles a heart.

To begin, start with a piece of paper. I've used a lightweight patterned paper here, but lightweight cardstock would also work. The project will probably work best if you don't use really heavyweight cardstock, though.

My original piece of paper was 6x6 inches but I've trimmed it down to 4x6 for this project. I kept the extra 2x6 piece and I'll use it for another project, like a layer on a card. If you're using paper that has a directional pattern, make sure your 4" side is the vertical or up and down side, and the 6" side is the horizontal axis.

Turn your paper over so that the side you'd like to be visible when it's done is facing down, and the long side is horizontal. At this point you'll need  a strong adhesive all along one side. I recommend a very strong double sided tape for this project, but you can experiment with what you have and see if it will work. Place your strong double sided tape all along one of the vertical edges and roll your paper into a tube, using the sticky strip to adhere the vertical ends together. Make sure your "pretty" side is facing out at this point! You'll be left with something that looks a bit like a 4" high toilet paper roll.

Now, gently squash one end together ... but just that one end! Don't squash the tube completely flat! The shape of the pouch comes because you pinch and seal one end flat one way, and the other end flat the other way. With that one end squashed together, cut it into the shape of the top of a heart. Let it pop open again, put some double sided tape inside (be generous here!) and then pinch it closed again to seal it.

I found I also got a better heart shape if I gently bent the heart back in one direction at this point, curling the cut edges a little and giving the pouch a definite front and back. You can decide if you want to do this or not.

Now you have a tube that's heart shaped, squashed and sealed flat on one end and open on the other end. This is the point at which you would fill your pouch with treats or goodies. When you're ready, put a generous amount of double sided tape on the bottom edge and seal it closed in the opposite direction to the way you sealed the top! (Take a look at the picture of the finished product again if you're not sure what I mean.)

Again, make sure you're using a generous amount of a strong adhesive so your pouch doesn't pop back open. If you have a paper crimper, you can crimp the bottom end. (I don't have one, so I didn't do this.)

Take a minute to gently bend the top edges of the heart and curl them with your fingers into the shape you want, and you're done!

If you like this project but you can't keep your pouch from popping open or if you'd prefer a version that can stand up, check back on Valentine's Day for another treat box tutorial!

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