Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Easy Paper Heart Chain

Hanging paper heart chains for Valentine's Day
Okay guys, I have to say ... in terms of papercrafting, it really doesn't get any easier than this! If you'd really like to make an easy project with the kids for Valentine's Day tomorrow or you need some quick party decor but you're pressed for time or supplies, try making these super simple but stunning paper heart chains!

All you need is paper! And staples. Okay, and a stapler, and something to cut the paper into strips. But that's it, really!

And even better, these things are fast to make. Seriously, once you've cut the paper into strips, you can whip up a pretty decent chain in minutes. So you really have no excuse not to try these tomorrow!

Here's how to make them (if you haven't already figured it out yourself from the picture, that is):

First off, cut your paper into strips. Since I'm still working my way through an old pad of Valentine's patterned 6x6 paper, I went ahead and cut mine into 6" by 1" strips, which meant I could get three hearts out of a single piece of paper.

Stapler and strips of red and white patterned paper

You can cut yours any size you like, though, and you can use any paper you like. Earlier in the week, my two and a half year old daughter and I made one of these out of coloured construction paper, and it was lovely.

Easy Paper Heart Chain Tutorial - Stapling the first piece

Next, using your stapler, you're going to staple two pieces of paper together at the bottom. If you have patterned paper with a different pattern on each side, you can choose whether to have the sides face the same direction or face each other. You'll get a different effect each way. If you look carefully at the image at the top of the post, you can see an example of each. The chain on the left has similar sides facing left/right, while the chain on the right has the similar sides facing in/out. (I hope that makes sense! Honestly, just look at the picture and you'll probably see what I mean.) Either way, I found I liked to alternate the white and red hearts in the chain for some variety.

Easy Paper Heart Chain Tutorial - Adding the next heart

Okay, this is the only somewhat tricky part, but only the first time you do it. After that, it's really simple. Grab a second pair of matching paper strips. Then, you're going to bend the top ends of the first pair of strips you just stapled inwards, inverting them and pinching them together over the bottom ends of that second pair of strips. Holding the ends even like I am in the picture, you'll staple right through all four pieces of paper. This forms the bottom most heart in your chain, and the base of the next heart up.

Easy Paper Heart Chain Tutorial - Examples of finished paper heart chains

Now just keep going, working your way up! You can make the chains as long or as short as you need or want, and hang them or display them however you like.

I love that this project is so easy that you can actually do it with very young children. Usually, when I "craft" with my daughter, I'm doing most of the heavy lifting while she joins in for a few select parts, but she was actually able to help me out with this one by choosing which colour to do next and helping me push the stapler closed. Just watch out for those little fingers!

I really hope you get a chance to try this project out tomorrow. Either way, happy crafting, and be sure to check back in tomorrow for the last of our Valentine's Day projects!

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