Saturday, 17 March 2018

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Saint Patrick's Day Shamrock Love Note
Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Boy has it been hard to steal a little time to come and post a new project lately! Both of my little ones have been sick for a week and a half now, so we had a quiet day of celebrating today.

While some of our neighbours went out and painted the town green, we stayed home and made an Irish stew, homemade shamrock shaped tortilla chips (cookie cutter and spinach tortillas, with just a little olive oil and salt, baked in the oven at 350 degrees until crisp!), and these cute little 3x3 inch shamrock love notes! Wouldn't these be adorable in a lunch box with a little treat?

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My "Wedding Quilt" Card

Sometimes you lose your cardmaking mojo. It happens. It happened to me last week! After my frustrating "oops" moment with my red envelope project, I found myself a bit uninspired, so I spent my week catching up on some events from the Winter Olympics that I'd recorded rather than crafting.

The problem? When I finally felt like I wanted to make a new card, I had no ideas! None!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Lucky Red Envelopes for Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! It was a chilly but clear day in Vancouver today, so we bundled up the kids and headed downtown to enjoy the annual Chinese New Year parade. My daughter is even famous now! Okay, not quite, but we were amused to see that she made the paper. We spotted the little pompom of her hat right away, and there she was, watching the parade from daddy's shoulders!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Stand Up Heart Treat Box

Okay, everyone! As promised, here is the last of this year's Valentine's Day projects: another heart-shaped treat box, but this one stands up on its own and self closes!

When I made the first heart-shaped treat pouch, I found that the paper was under a lot of stress the way it was designed. I had to add some really strong double-sided tape to keep it closed and it looked more like a heart from some angles than others.

While playing with a prototype of the original pouch, I tried to gently crease the paper to reduce the stress on it and keep it from popping open so easily. I kept playing around until I realized that it just wasn't going to work with that design, but it did give me the idea for this current project!

Watercolour Valentine

Card stamped with floral watercolour image and the sentiment "You Are Remarkable"
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! One thing that I love about Valentine's Day is that it gives us a chance to recognize and appreciate all of our loved ones, not just our romantic partners. While I fully admit that I also really like the chocolate part of the holiday, I also enjoy giving cards to the special people in my life.

I love the sentiment on this card because it's perfect for a platonic valentine. The sentiment and the image both come from a beautiful stamp set by Stampin' Up! called "Remarkable You" and the line drawn images are perfect for so many different methods of colouring. Here, I've used watercolouring to colour my image.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Easy Paper Heart Chain

Hanging paper heart chains for Valentine's Day
Okay guys, I have to say ... in terms of papercrafting, it really doesn't get any easier than this! If you'd really like to make an easy project with the kids for Valentine's Day tomorrow or you need some quick party decor but you're pressed for time or supplies, try making these super simple but stunning paper heart chains!

All you need is paper! And staples. Okay, and a stapler, and something to cut the paper into strips. But that's it, really!

And even better, these things are fast to make. Seriously, once you've cut the paper into strips, you can whip up a pretty decent chain in minutes. So you really have no excuse not to try these tomorrow!

Here's how to make them (if you haven't already figured it out yourself from the picture, that is):

Monday, 12 February 2018

Heart Treat Pouch

Heart shaped treat pouch made of paper
Valentine's Day is only a couple of days away, but I still have several projects to share with you before then, so keep checking in!

Today's project is an incredibly easy little treat pouch that just requires paper, scissors, and some strong adhesive. The design is based on a very common little triangular shaped pouch called a "sour cream" container or pouch, but I've cut one end a little differently on mine so that it resembles a heart.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Valentine's Heart Ornament

Woven heart shaped ornament for Valentine's Day
This project is an old one but it's great to do with young kids around Valentine's Day. All it takes is a piece or two of paper in contrasting colours, scissors, some glue or adhesive, and a hole punch and some string or twine if you'd like to hang it as an ornament.

If you've made one of these before--come on, I can't be the only one who remembers these from elementary school art!--then it's unlikely you need directions, but for everyone else I've included a tutorial with lots of pictures below.

However, if you read to the end, I've included one other variation that you may not have seen before!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Valentine's Heart Box

Valentine's Day Heart Box
I love chocolate and I also love making little boxes. This project was the perfect marriage of the two--a cute little cardstock favour box that's perfect for Valentine's Day treats!

The box is simply a 2.5" cube with an interesting closure mechanism on top. To make the box, you'll need a piece of cardstock that measures 10.5" by 7.5", a scoring tool, a bone folder, paper snips or scissors, and a scrap of coloured or patterned paper for the hearts on top. I also used stamps and ink to decorate the sides of the box, but you can decorate yours any way you like!

To make the box, put the piece of cardstock on your scoring tool with the long side against the top. Score it at 2.5", 5", 7.5" and 10".

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


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If you love to work with paper, if you want to try making your own greeting cards or gift packaging, or if you're looking for ideas for papercrafts to do with kids, this is the place for you! I hope you'll come back and peek in again soon to see what I'm making next.

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